How do we grow in wellness?

What is wellness?

Who benefits from it?

What’s next? How do we raise the standards when we already know that for example eating kale and working out help?

I developed Yoga to Optimize Wellness to help you answer these questions!

What you’ll get out this workshop:

A clear and well developed definition of wellness and how Yoga enhances our experience, the result of two decades of studies, practice and teachings

An enjoyable experience

A positive state of mind that emerges from clarity

Heightened awareness about your body

Skills to manage the fluctuations of “the self”, a clear and practical understanding of the “self”. How can we talk about something if we haven’t questioned, examined, studied and reflected upon the meaning of this?

You’ll also get a deeper sense of connection, understanding and access to your underlying consciousness, plus a set of down to earth strategies to help you do this yourself!

Find out what’s next! Email Victoria for details and pricing. Sign up today! Limited availability.