Feeling sluggish, stuck, out of sorts? In this class, you will move consciously and gradually through a series of yoga postures designed to reset your body, your mind, enhance your wellbeing, and uplift your spirit. This slower, yet dynamic practice allows you to develop strength, flexibility, stability and most importantly a deep focus. This valuable practice will give you access to a more sustainable and meditative state; to feel fully embodied, focused and more calm breath by breath. With each practice, feel the life force (or Prana) moving through you as you become the expression of this. Leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, feeling your vitality and liveliness; most importantly leave with a feeling of enhanced wellness that benefits you and those around you! Everyone is welcome – this class is open to ALL bodies and all levels. Requirement: a curious attitude.
To reserve your spot visit: https://www.nest-yoga.com/class-schedule