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Expert Corner: Learn more in depth about Yoga through this insightful article by Victoria Garcia Drago, a Certified International Yoga Instructor

  1. Yoga means to yoke or unite when we practice Yoga what we are practicing is the union of mind and body through breath awareness. In other words, when the mind has a focal point and it’s free of thoughts/distractions, the attention is shifted inside. When the focus is inward, one can tune into the messages the body has to share, through sensations.
  2. You may surprise yourself when you realize you can put yourself in a state of “Yoga” or a state of consciousness awareness simply by focusing on the breath. Having said that, you don’t need to be on the mat to be practicing Yoga, you can be doing whatever you are doing through your day and as long as your focus is on the breath you’ll be in a “state of Yoga”.
  3. The benefits of breath awareness are many but to mention a few: you’ll notice an improved sense of focus, your concentration will improve as your mind will not be constantly bombarded with thoughts, some of which are useless. Also, your lung capacity will improve as you learn to pay attention to your breath, giving you a better feeling of being energized and allowing you to reach your edge in a healthy and respectful way. When you make the breath your focal point your fitness performance is enhanced due to the diminished mental chatter and your full undivided attention goes to what you doing in that moment, on your strength, (inner and outer strength). Your resilience will improve as you’ll learn to be with tolerable discomfort knowing that as long as your focus is on the breath it can be sustainable.

This article was originally published in the Boltt Blog as “Expert Corner: Practical Tips to Add Conscious Awareness to Your Workout & Have Your Peak Performance!”

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