Slow Yoga Flow

A slower form of vinyasa yoga in which each series of asanas or physical postures allow each student to consciously work with their bodies, building awareness and understanding of their strength, flexibility, stability and full embodiment.

By staying connected to the breath students develop the confidence to practice consciously, with a benevolent attitude; and to cultivate deep respect towards their bodies. By slightly slowing down the pace, the body relaxes, the mind feels clear, our emotions are stable and we become empowered to take healthy actions. In that calm state we savor our wellbeing.

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Our Divine Nature

The more we reside in a calm and clear minded state, the more we taste our divine nature. Inevitably, allowing the qualities of our essence to come forth (like the capacity to love, to care) to optimize wellness and feel good.

Become An Expression

Each student is encouraged to practice in a way that feels good to them, feeling a healthy challenge as opposed to “performing or chasing shapes”. The practice becomes an expression of the life force (prana) flowing through them.

Wellness Education

To grow in wellness we have to develop a clear understanding of what wellness and the concept of “the self” are. Taking inventory allows us to see ourselves more clearly and reflect upon how we are living our life. In my experience, reflection seems to be a key component when it comes to wellness. It is often missing in most Yoga classes (most likely due to the hurried pace). 

Almost every conversation I hear has the term wellness in it, yet few seem to have studied, reflected, embodied and understood the powerful meaning of “wellness”. I feel like little attention is given to a clear definition and understanding of wellness.

So, what’s next? How do we improve the standards of wellness? Join the conversation so we can talk with more accuracy, foundations, substance, maturity and a true understanding of what wellness is!